PEAKS State Assessment

March 28-April 7th


2017 PEAKS State Assessment

The Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools (PEAKS) is Alaska’s summative assessment for students in grades 3-10. The purpose of a large-scale, summative assessment is to provide parents and schools an overall picture of a student’s progress in meeting standards at their grade level.

Students taking PEAKS will be tested on Alaska State Standards in the content areas of English language arts and mathematics. Students in Grades 4, 8, and 10 will also be tested in science. The assessment is taken on the computer and is not timed, but each content area can take approximately 90-120 minutes.

Parents can locate resources for the PEAKS assessment, including directions for PEAKS Practice tests, called Online Tools Training and PEAKS Tutorials, on the ASD website at

Parents can also help by ensuring their children are well rested, eat a nutritious breakfast, and at school on time for the days of testing. Please avoid scheduling appointments on your child’s testing days.

The PEAKS testing window below provides a framework for which weeks are used for testing at each grade level.

Talk to your child’s teacher or principal for more information about PEAKS and the days within the window your child will be testing.